Update on Concept in 60

Thinking about my concept for the final project, I am still working with my outline of what I am going to put into my video, seeing the several softwares that take video shots, and watching different videos that would be put into my final piece. The outline for my video seems to be what I am going to put together, I am just trying to see what fits where to make everything come together as one idea. I am also going to look at Vimeo, and try to put my video on that site. With the class discussion of my outline, and video possibilities, I am going to stay on the perspective of walking and texting while crossing the street because I believe that not many people have really touched on the occurrence of this going on.

Making the video into 60 seconds in going to be a task, making sure that the music is not going to be pulled, and putting it all into one project is the toughest part, but overall, I think that my project will put itself together soon.


Rough Draft for Concept in 60

With my Concept in 60 project, I have an idea that I am going to work on; I just have an outline of what I am thinking of doing because I am still searching for a video shot software to help me make the video. Here is my idea…

1. Cell phones, especially smart phones are an important part of my generation; we are on them too much to where it affects the people around us. I was thinking of making the video about how being on your cell phone blinds people from life because of how Facebook and Apps like Instagram have consumed the lives of many around me; this includes myself, too.

– I am going to put in screen shots of the different smart phone Apps, pieces of video from YouTube, and different screen shots of articles of how everyone is always on their cell phones.

  • Maybe the first shot is going to be a person “jaywalking” across the street, keeping their head down, watching their cell phone instead of watching where they are going.
  • Then I would add text that I would type into the video.
  • Include screen shots of titles of articles that write about the way we are on our cell phones and Facebook too much.
  • The video will have transitions to make it all run together well.
  • Then back to the video that was at the beginning to end it.

– Since YouTube is always stripping music from videos, I will try to add music from iMovie so that it’s not copyrighted.

– I wish I had a rough draft of a video, but I am still experimenting with screen and video shots on my MacBook.


Comment to Jess and Sarah

Hi Sarah and Jess!
From watching and reading the concept of your video, I like how you both are experimenting with the idea of how writing has changed over the years. Your screen shots and music seem to flow well, and I like how you used Vimeo instead of YouTube. Maybe you could add video screen shots to add in to make the video more eye-catching; maybe even add more video shots of typing more information into the video to add to give the viewer more information on the topic you are displaying; with the end product, I think that your video will come into one good project.


Comment to Richard


Watching the rough draft of your video, it looks really good so far. I like your concept, and I like how you have YouTube shots, but yet “real-life” shots, too. With your video, you get your point across about computers, and video games. I also like how you bring in comic books into the video, and how you have all of your screen shots arranged in a way where it works well. If you continue with this concept, I think the end product will be really good!


Comment to Aaron

The video you have made is very intriguing, especially the music. The music blends with the video, the beginning seems eye catching, and it seems like it is going to end up being a very well made video. The best part so far is that the music goes well with the video screen shots. With the end piece, I think it will all end up as a great work for the semester. You are on the right path for creating a great piece for the Concept in 60, and I think that it will all work together in the end.

Comment to Freeblaze77


Claire Lauer’s “What’s in a Name” site was very interesting, but yet bland to look at. You state, “Lauer explores the terms multimodal and multimedia and determines how they are used differently in academic, industrial, and non-academic settings;” in different environments, different perspectives are used to get a message out, that deal with multimodal or multimedia; it depends on the author who is creating the work. You also write, “Multimedia in another field and for another purpose such as a television commercial may include no word texts but it is still multimedia,” so multimedia can be in different ways in the presentation that they are conveying in their project.



Google Drives the Way

Data Shows Google’s Robot Cars Are Smoother, Safer Drivers Than You or I,” written by, Tom Simonite, Google cars are better drivers than how human beings drive. Google cars drive themselves by a satellite that is on top of the car; the satellite drives the car more efficiently and effectively than a human being would. “Data gathered from Google’s self-driving Prius and Lexus cars shows that they are safer and smoother when steering themselves than when a human takes the wheel, according to the leader of Google’s autonomous-car project” (Simonite). Will this be the future? Self-driving cars are in the works, and possibly be used in the future of driving cars. This would be safer for the driver, and the car would have full control; this is going to be safer for the driver, since the car can detect what humans tend to not see, such as from being on their cell phones, and hitting someone, the car would have the capability to keep the driver safe because it knows where and when a car could hit another car.

Google has come a long way into the technologies they have made, and maybe a self-driving car will be in the near future for every person to use to be safe.


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