Working with the DALN (Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives)

The DALN (Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives) is a digital archive of different pieces of material and digital media that students, and teachers use to teach, learn, and even contribute to society. Within the archive there are Word Documents, movies, audio files, etc; these collections are created to help and to teach students how to use different medias in order to learn, and to teach others. As I went through the collection, I found many articles, movies, etc that peeked my interest. Two pieces of work from the archive that really interested me was an article called “Alcohol” written by an unknown author, and the movie “Computer Literacy” by Mike Mansour. The article is about how a boy who disliked alcohol began to like it once he turned into an adult, and could manage his intake of the drinks at the bar. The “Computer Literacy” movie is about how people learned how to become computer literate. Starting off with the article about alcohol, this was written with the media of using a software such as Microsoft Word. This kind of media or digital software is very common within the archive itself. The article that the unknown author wrote about his life experience with alcohol is to show and to teach people and students that it is ok to accept something that was once rejected in life. Secondly, the movie was made with a different digital media. The movie could have been made with a iMovie or some other software that creates movies that was created by Mike Mansour. Both of these works were made by students to show, and to teach other people and students about computer literacy, and to accept something that was once hated upon in one’s life. The difference between these two projects are that, of course, the different softwares that were used to create the two pieces of work; another difference is that each piece has its own meaning. Each piece was meant to explain and to teach something different from the individual who created it. Furthermore, both have a few similarities, such as, that they both teach the students or whoever reads it a lesson, such as how someone became computer literate, and how the unknown author finally accepted his intake of alcohol because of how he taught his mind to control his own actions of the drinking. Another similarity of these two pieces is that they were both made by students, which is very impressive. With more students working, and creating more and more digital media, the world and the way educating students will change drastically; this is a good thing in the world of technology because of how our digital media changes every few months. Overall, these two pieces have a few similarities, but has some differences which make each one unique in its own way. The DALN is a great place to find work by students to teach others something about whatever they want to create. With how the world is constantly changing at a speedy pace, there will be more websites and archives such as the DALN for students to create and share their own ideas and creations throughout the world.


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