“Shift Happens”

The world has seen so many drastic changes throughout the course of it being alive. Throughout this past century, and in the course of the 2000’s, mankind has reshaped and redesigned in so many ways that a person cannot count them. When watching the video, “Did You Know/Shift Happens,” I was astonished at the different ways the world works, the way the world is changing constantly, and the way the human race is so blind to all of these changes that are going on everyday, every hour, every minute. A realization that I had throughout the video is that Facebook has so many users that it could be its own country! Wow! With our world changing so fast and so speedily, we are all blind to what is going on within the world and the communities we live in. Technology is changing the course of the human race, and with technology skewing our vision on what is going on within the world, people need to notice the major actions and events that are happening now within our lives. People are losing their sense of intelligence, our IQ’s are going down the toilet, and other countries are learning faster and are healthier than we are in the United States. I think my generation is lost within ourselves, and lost within the technology that engulfs our lives on a daily basis. The technology that is going on within the world today is totally making us incoherent of the biggest incidents and affairs that are going on within the world today. I also feel as though my generation is losing in the game of going forward in life because of how the video says that we are learning things, and about three years later, the information we have learned is no longer useful. With all of the new books, and information that changes everyday and every year, especially with how technology is growing at the speed of light, my generation is losing hope; we will never catch up to countries like China or India because of our laziness, and how much we rely on our digital media on a daily basis. This video has shown me new, inspirational information that has made me realize how far away, and how far behind the United States is with finding ourselves, and finding our hearts in order for us to go forward with the future in making my generation better. We need to actually take our faces out of our phones, stop texting and phoning people, and actually live and realize what is going on in the world to better ourselves, and to become awake and see the world, and what it really is. If we try harder, we could be in the same categories as China and India with how smart, and how much they try in school and out in the real world. My generation needs to wake up and smell the coffee.



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