My Own Heuristic

Heuristics are the basis and guide lines to which one would follow in order to complete an assignment. For Writing 502 this semester, we are able to create our own heuristic for our projects, blogs, and assignments. For my heuristic, I would start with the audience; who is the audience, and how are you going to connect them to what you are writing about? Catching the audience’s attention and full understanding of the writing assignment, or blog, is a crucial part of writing. Then I would bring in text; with having text that connects the audience to the blog or assignment, the writer will be on track with what they are supposed to be writing about. Some questions that could be asked for text would, what is the main idea of the assignment? What is the theme and the major parts of the blog that will connect the readings and writings to the audience. Next I would look at content; for example, let’s say you are writing a blog, that blog would have to content that is meaningful, and goes within the topic chosen to explain, summarize, and analyze. The content of the blog is very important; this is the “back bone” of the blog for the assignment assigned. If the content does not flow, and the content is not on topic and meaningful, then one would not be able to follow through with reading and understanding what the blogger was trying to get through with their blog. With content, a writer also wants to look at the purpose of the writing; is the purpose achieved through the blog or assignment? With the purpose, maybe one can even do research, which would help the reader better understand what the blog or assignment is about. Furthermore, we want to look at function; is the function of the assignment connecting to the purpose of the blog? Also within the blog, one wants to have clarity; one should be concise with what they are writing because the reader will lose focus, lose concentration, and lose the whole concept of the blog or assignment. Creativity is also another very important aspect of the writing that one would use. With creativity, the reader will be able to pay attention, and really get into what the writer was writing about. Arrangement of the blog is also a good aspect of the writing that the writer should pay attention to. With having an organized blog, the reader will be able to understand, and follow the blog easily and thoroughly. With this heuristic plan for a blog or assignment, one will be able to write more clearly, have the reader follow the writing more efficiently, and the grade for the writing assignment will be in their favor because they followed these steps to get a good grade for what they have created through their writing.


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  1. ladybartleby
    Oct 17, 2012 @ 22:05:24

    Molly! I love the way you expanded on each point rather than simply listing bullets. One point that you make that I think is so important is the need for function and purpose to reflect each other. The last two assignments create projects that should have a purpose for their creation; their functionality must then reflect that. I think how the user is able to interact with the page\blog\etc. might even be part of the purpose itself. Just a thought.
    Another point that you make is the importance of content. I could not agree more. There is nothing worse than looking through something and wondering what the point was. Well, maybe wondering what the point is and not being able to use it….. 😉 Content should be relevant and meaningful; people should be able to connect with it in some way. I think the reflection of purpose, function, and content is most important for the final multimedia project; we should keep all three in mind as we work.


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