The Falling out of Literacy in Generations to Come

Literacy should be a prized possession for the people of the world, but with my generation, it is becoming something unimportant. From reading the article, “Knowledge Really is Power-For Better or for Worse,” written by Ben Bova, and the article, “A Graphic Text,” written by Iza Wojciechowska, I’ve been enlightened on how my generation, and how generations to come are becoming illiterate from the technologies and digital medias that are surrounding our environments. Bova states, “We take it for granted that a person must know how to read and write in order to be a success in our technology-dominated society” (Bova), and he is sincerely correct on this matter. Why is it that the technology is taking over the brains of the generation I’m living in, and generations to come? Well, because we live in a society that is based on technology, how technology makes life easier, and how the technologies we have are ruling over reading and writing. Yes, it is easier to just skim over something on the Internet, it’s easier to just listen to a book from audio, and yes, it makes life simpler when we have the technology to help us do our homework, but my generation is losing hope, and it is evident that we are becoming illiterate without even realizing it. From the article, “A Graphic Text,” teachers and professors are trying to make reading books more interesting with creating graphics within the book so it will be easier, and more fun to read and comprehend. Is this really what my generation has come to? My generation is slowly, but surely is lazy, and now we have to have picture books in order for us to read and understand the material. Huh? This makes me a little flabbergasted. It is sad that my generation is losing hope, it is sad that my generation is becoming illiterate when we should grasp this gift that we have, and use it wisely to our benefit. Ben Bova goes over how the generations that are to come are going to become illiterate from the different technologies we have, and he is right on the money with his statements. I wish everyone could read his article, and realize how much we have gone downhill. So in the words of Ben Bova, I hope that my generation will wake up, and really comprehend how illiterate we are, “Knowledge really is power” (Bova).


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  1. ladybartleby
    Oct 31, 2012 @ 18:29:24

    Though it is difficult to take Bova’s article too seriously I think you hit on several valid points.

    I agree that our generation is becoming progressively more lazy; due to technology, other social factors, or both. I haven’t looked at the research on this particular topic but I believe that we are. After all, as you pointed out from the other article, we’re turning text books into comics. What happened to thinking critically and asking questions? Apparently if there are no pictures we a) can’t understand what’s going on and b) can’t pay attention long enough to take in the information. Once again I don’t know the research on this but I see it every day.

    There is also the matter of literacy in general. I don’t think we’re really losing literacy but with technology we potentially may not need to know how to read or write. Potentially. As we discussed in class literacy can also refer to depth of reading, attention ,etc. But i’ve already addressed that. I think it is important to consider the options technology gives us and the potential ramifications. It is a matter of choice if we turn to screens rather than books, voice recording rather than pens and keys, etc. but it is a possible choice. I think if nothing else this potentiality and the fact that we are so close to having all the technology required to make those choices is what make Bova worth reading.


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