Old Media to New Media

Lev Manovich writes within his article, New Media from Borges to HTML, “The emergence of new media studies as a field testifies to our recognition of the key cultural role played by digital computers and computer-enabled networking in our global society” (Manovich 26). From the many years of constant change within the realm of computers and new media technology, we are at the forefront of new media in today’s world. Manovich goes on within his article about how, throughout history, the world has been able to change every decade with better technology that was once never imagined; what was once never imagined is now happening in today’s society, such as the iPhone, etc. He comes up with “eight propositions” of what is new media, and then he finishes with his thoughts of the history and the world today.

For me, I feel as though throughout the article that maybe he should have gone more into depth about new media, and how html is dominating everything nowadays instead of going on writing about the history of new media, and how it was able to become what it is in the world of computers and technology today. On the other hand, I like how he goes on with the eight propositions of new media. Also within the article, Manovich makes a very interesting point that everything is practically run by software. Without software, the computer would not be what it is, and we could not do the many things that we do on the computer now. He touches on this subject of software in a few of the eight propositions that he has proposed about new media. Another one of Manovich’s articles is called, Media after Software,”‘Digital media’ is a result of the gradual development and accumulation of a large number of software techniques, algorithms, data structures, and interface conventions and metaphors” (Manovich 7). Software is critical to the computer world, and from the new software programs that are coming into play , the world is going to change, and with this, the change in new media is going to be drastic with each new decade.

In the end of it all, Manovich was able to come to the point of this; “To sum up: new media today can be understood as the mix between older cultural conventions for data representation, access and manipulation and newer conventions of data representation, access and manipulation”(13). New media, new technology, and everything in today’s world that we use was once an idea that was impossible, and now we have the impossible in our hands.



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