My Narrative

Looking back to my childhood, I find myself remembering the many computer monitors all over my house. From my father being a high school computer teacher, my father had the privilege of being able to bring some of the old “machines” (computers),  as we call them in my family,  to my old house up in New Jersey, for my sister and I to play on. I don’t remember my first time playing on a computer, but I do recall the different softwares that my father had installed, such as Reader Rabbit. Thinking back on it now, I was computer literate at the age of about 6 or 7 years old, maybe even younger from my father teaching me how to use the “machine.” I was, and still am very lucky to have been able to learn how to use a computer at such a young age, where many families did not, and were not able to get a computer in their household because of how expensive the computer in the 1990’s were. The computer, to me now at the age of 23, is a very important aspect of my life because of those childhood memories I experienced. My life revolves around the computer, and so will my career of being a technical writer. From being computer literate at such a young age, going to my father’s high school classroom, and learning more about the computer from him and his students, I am grateful for what I have learned, experienced, and of how I have come to the conclusion that without those simple, but yet complexed computers from the 1990s spread throughout my house, I would not be where I am now in my life. 

I have found throughout the years, that the computer is like another limb on my body; I keep my computer on me constantly, everywhere I go. My father, still teaching computers after 36 years, is my inspiration for my career goals, and for my computer literacy. Sometimes, I wonder what my life, and how my individuality would be different without the influence of the computer in my life. Would I be the same person? Would I would still be able to do the same things that we people do in today’s world that people did years ago? These questions come into my thought process as I think of how important the computer is, and what the computer means to me now. We go through life taking for granted the computer, and the ways it makes our lives easier; without the computer would life be the way it is? Would our lives and schooling be different?

With being in my last semester of college, I look back at all the years of schooling I went through, especially in elementary school, where we would use the newest version of the Mac computer. I was very lucky to be growing up in New Jersey, where, in the school system, we had the newest pieces of technology every year. I will always remember those memories, and I have held onto what I have learned from all of those years. The computer has changed my life, has made me who I am, and has made me realize just how lucky we all are to have this “machine” at our hands at all times of the day, and all times of our lives, which makes our lives simpler, but yet we don’t think about these things like we should, and from this, I thank my father for what he has given me, the gift of computer literacy.

My Dad

My Dad


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