Google is Out of China For Good

Censorship in China is all government controlled. Google, the very famous search engine, has pulled out of China. Since China is censoring all of their media on the Internet, Google has decided to pull out of the country, because they don’t feel the need to have their search engine being censored. From the article, BREAKING: Google Pulls Search Engine Out Of China, written by Nicholas Carlson, “The switch means Google is no longer censoring search results for its Chinese  visitors. Whether Chinese Internet can actually access is another matter. It may be blocked by the Chinese government” (Carlson). Google feels the need not to censor their search engine, and now from this, Google doesn’t want to be in China. From the article, Carlson also touches on how Google and the China government are butting heads to how and where censorship is being handled, so in the end, Google is taking their search engine out of China.



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