Is Everyone Their Own Producer?

Hans Magnus Enzensberger states within his article, Constituents of a Theory of the Media, “The electronic media have not only built up the information network intensively, they have also spread it extensively” (Enzensberger). New media has taken over the world by storm; new media has spread all over to all of the people of the planet. The people of today are seeing all different types of new media that were once an imagined thought, and now that technology is in our hands, such as the iPhone. But, with all of these pieces of technology, and the World Wide Web, we are seeing censorship, such as in China with Google taking their search engine out of that country. Freedom of press is real, but is do we all have freedom to do what we want with technology and new media. “Today censorship is threatened by the productive forces of the consciousness industry which is already, to some extent, gaining the upper hand over the prevailing relations of production” (Enzensberger). Censorship is controlling what we do, and with this, the freedom that we think we have, is being halted, and being taken control in some countries, such as China.

Also with the creation of the new media we have now, Enzensberger states, “Now it is being succeeded by the age of the electronic media which tend once more to make people speak. At its period of fullest development the book to some extent usurped the place of the more primitive but generally more accessible methods of production of the past; on the other hand, it was a stand-in for future methods which make it possible for everyone to become a producer” (Enzensberger). We are producers of our lives; we control what we do, the decisions we make, and how we live our lives…we are the controller of our own destiny. From Requiem for the Media“Baudrillard’s position is that the situation will not get any better simply by making everyone a producer—a point of view that Enzensberger shares. But Baudrillard goes on to say that even the organized reversible circuits Enzensberger discusses would not be enough” (Introduction). Is it not enough to be our own producer in our lives, or do we need someone to control what we do with every single move we make?

In Enzensberger eyes, “The media do not produce such objects. They create programs. Their production is in the nature of a process. That does not mean only (or not primarily) that there is no foreseeable end to the program — a fact which, in view of what we are at present presented with, admittedly makes a certain hostility to the media understandable. It means, above all, that the media program is open to its own consequences without structural limitations” (Enzensberger). With limits on what we put out on new media, we have consequences with what we put on the Internet, but do we have limitations on what we can say with the new media that is in today’s world? Do we have limitations from all that is out there on the World Wide Web? Think about it.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Hans Magnus


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