Response to Martha

Hi Martha,

Within your post, you say, “He also discussed the manipulation of media. Through the decades of nightly news broadcasts, we know that not only is the news reported, but there is usually a slant to it, according to the reporter’s political and/or personal bias or agenda;” I agree with your statement because it is true that people manipulate media just so that whoever is viewing it will be able to connect to it on a different level for the news anchor’s liking or for the viewer’s liking. I also agree with how you quoted, ” “electronic media…shapes consciousness….” (Enzenberger); with this, we are seeing people all over the world having a changed or “shaped consciousness” from electronic media to where people are having a hard time thinking for themselves, or even becoming lazy from going and finding information from search engines, such as Google. Overall, I really think that electronic media is being manipulated, while it also is “shaping our consciousness.”




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