Feeling Alive Through Video Games

Video games: are they putting our minds into a limbo?

From the article, Video Games and Computer Holding Power, written by Sherry Turkle, video games are controlling the minds of those who play them constantly. Those who play video games, from my experience, become a different person while they are playing their imaginary world on the TV screen, or even on their hand-held devices, such as the Nintendo DS. Video games make the player fall into a different world, where if someone interrupts their time while playing their video games, they become distraught and even angry. For some people, video games are an escape into a realm where they become something they’ve always dreamed of being, doing things they always wanted and can’t do in real life, and become one with the game. Turkle states, “In a video game there is no place to hide, no excuses of chance or accident. For someone like David, searching for the sense of urgency that comes from real danger, this is crucial to the games’ seduction. It is a place where there is “pure you” (Turkle 512). Just like David in this scenario, some people are so engulfed within their video games that they only feel alive when playing their video games.

Video games can be either bad or good for those who play them; Turkle also writes, “With them can come an enhanced sense of autonomy, self- esteem, a sense of being the “actor” in one’s life. But with every powerful and manipulable medium that we use to feel more in control—our bodies, our money, our games—the medium can get out of control” (Turkle 512). For some of us, video games are the only aspect of life that keeps us going; with video games, especially for those with disabilities and social disorders, video games can make a person feel as though they are truly alive, and “pure” within the game. Video games can take the mind away from all that one experiences in a day. Video games can be the one factor in a person’s life that makes them want to live, and for others, video games are not important, but just a part of life that they only have to experience once.

Video games are the outlet in many people’s lives around the world, and with these video games, one can go on and say that they feel that “pureness” of life because of them living through their video games, while others don’t even think twice about video games. Overall, video games can either be a good or bad influence on the person who plays the video game.



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