Decreasing Prices for iPhone 5c

Within the last month or so, Apple products introduced their new phone called the iPhone 5c. This new phone is $100 cheaper to buy compared to the iPhone 5s, its competitor. The ironic part of the iPhone 5c is that it comes in an array of different colors, such as blue, pink, green, etc. The phone has the iO7 software within it, but it is cheaper to buy this phone compared to the iPhone 5s. Why you ask? Well, it does not have some of the famous features that the iPhone 5s has, such as “finger print identity sensor,” and more the 5s can come in different amounts of space, ranging from 16GB to 64 GB, where as the 5c only comes in 16 GB and 32 GB. The 5c has the same capabilities of the 5s, it’s just cheaper.

So my question is, why would Apple think of selling the 5c, where they could make more money with just selling the 5s? Apple is a very intelligent company, that comes out with new innovative ways of making money, and with the Apple 5c iPhone, they would probably make more money from the idea of selling it at a $100 cheaper than the 5s. People are going to buy the 5c because of the price, even though it does not have the same features of the 5s, Apple really took a chance, and this chance was such a great idea, that they probably made more money from this.

Apple is making new technologies that the human mind can’t wrap around; their innovative team of engineers are so creative, that the market that they are in is being dominated by Apple. The world of technology is changing constantly, and from this, I think that Apple is at their peak of success, and will continue to be at the top.



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