The “Revolution” of Technology

From the article, Mythinformation, written by Langdon Winner, “We are, according to a fairly standard account, moving into an age characterized by the overwhelming dominance of electronic information systems in all areas of human practice” (Winner 590).

Is this true? Are we humans being dominated by new media and “electronic information systems?” For me, this is true; our society is based upon the new technologies that either make our lives easier or help us on a daily basis with our daily tasks. We are consumed with computers and technology, to where we live our lives revolving around the newest and best technology that comes within the realm of new media. The amount of money that we spend on our technologies is increasing every year practically. Though some new technologies are expensive, the prices are slowly dropping because of the supply and demand of them. “As these technologies become less and less expensive and more and more convenient, all the people of the world, not just the wealthy, will be able to use the wonderful services that information machines make available” (Winner 590). This is also true; we are seeing that with more and more supply and demand with technologies, such as the iPad, iPhone, and tablets from either Microsoft or other companies, we are seeing more and more people buying these components that consume our lives.

So is there a computer “revolution” in today’s world? Yes: everyone is able to get a computer or electronic based instrument nowadays. We are becoming a world of computer literate people, in which leads to everyone knowing about the politics and foreign business of other countries, including their own. This “revolution” is becoming more and more abundant because of the prices dropping on these technologies, and how they are at our hands when ever we need them. “Calling such changes “revolutionary,” we tacitly acknowledge that these are matters that require reflection, possibly even strong public action to ensure that the outcomes are desirable” (Winner 597).

So my thought is, would people be lost without their phones, computers, etc.? Would people be able to accomplish their daily tasks without their technological devices? Think about it.

In the end, life is full of technological advances that the people of the world are consumed with; the world of computers is taking over at a fast pace, an uncontrollable pace. “A thoroughly computerized world is also one bound to alter conditions of human sociability”(Winner 597). Have we changed from the different technologies that consume us on a daily basis? Are we becoming a world where only technology and new media matters? Hmmmm…



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