Print Being Digitized

The article, The End of Books, Robert Coover states, “Hypertext is truly a new and unique environment” (Coover). Is hypertext its own individual environment? For some it is, and for some, hypertext is something that is irrelevant to them. Book lovers, novelists, etc. probably despise the way that books and novels are being in the state of print to becoming all digital in the world of the Internet. I do feel bad for the people who love books, but in the world today, many books are being taken over by technology, and are being put into databases, etc.; and now many don’t buy their books from the bookstore, but buy them from online book stores such as Amazon for the iPad or Kindle. Books are sadly coming to an end, and there is no way to stop it; soon, everything will be in a digital environment someway. Databases are becoming larger, and libraries are becoming extinct. People who write books, and want them in print are living in the time where print was popular, but now everything is going to the Internet, even newspapers are falling behind on sales within the world today. So, is this the end of books? Is hypertext becoming dominant in the society we live in today? Will books be in print 10 years from now?

Robert Coover also states, “And what of narrative flow? There is still movement, but in hyperspace’s dimensionless infinity, it is more like endless expansion ; it runs the risk of being so distended and slackly driven as to lose its centripetal force, to give way to a kind of static low-charged lyricism — that dreamy gravityless lost-in-space feeling of the early sci-fi films” (Coover). Is hypertext in an “endless expansion” now that we have Internet wherever we go? Is Robert Coover right about how books are coming to their end?

“How does one resolve the conflict between the reader’s desire for coherence and closure and the text’s desire for continuance, its fear of death?” (Coover). In other words, how does the reader of print accept and come to terms with the way print is becoming digitized? One doesn’t really know, but we will find out when the time of the book’s death comes around in years coming.



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