Values & Criteria Analysis

The YouTube video, The Machine is Us/ing Us, is a prime example of how technology is changing the world and the people in it. This video takes the viewer through how we are all connected somehow through the Internet, and through how people can link to other pages of the Internet, videos, images, etc. With the heuristic, there are many aspects of this video that I have noticed, and those things are…

  • Content: Are the elements concise, without too much overlap?

Within the YouTube video, the elements were concise, but yet they did overlap. To me, the viewer had to concentrate to understand the whole point of the video from how hypertext is changing constantly, to how people are connecting to one another via the Internet. Each overlap within the video connected to the next part of the video, and from this, the viewer had to really focus with each change in the video, and again understand how each part correlated with one another.

  • Ethics & Responsible Use: Is the media used as a method of connecting human beings to a shared experience?

Yes; this media, video, is a great way of showing people around the world how the Internet and hypertext are changing constantly, and how people are being connected in many different ways through the Internet. This video was very specific in showing how people, through the Internet, can be connected to one another at all times; it also shows how people, through the Internet, can imbed images, links, etc. through html.

  • Demographics: Is the media meant to be informational, entertaining, persuasive, or argumentative?

This piece, to me, is supposed to be both informative and entertaining. Throughout the video, there is a lot of information that tells the viewer all about html, hypertext, the Internet, etc. The video is full of information, and with this information, it shows the viewer how technology is changing every year, and how technology, especially with html that one simple code can change a lot within a website.

  • Interactivity: Is there some kind of evaluation device, either a comments box or poll for information exchange?

With YouTube, anyone can comment and connect with the author of the video where people can exchange information, comments, and their opinion of the video.

  • Entertainment: Is the message both memorable and/or enjoyable?

The message of the video is memorable and enjoyable from how the video was able to show and actually spell out to the viewer why html and hypertext is very important in the Internet world. The video, for me, was very entertaining and memorable with how the video was able to get its message out with the overlapping parts, and how the video was able to relay the message of how the Internet can connect to people all over the world.

  • Audio/Visual Quality: Can audio and/or text be easily heard/understood both verbally and non-verbally?

Since there is a music audio file in the video with no voice, but yet has a lot of text within the video, it can either be very easy or very hard for the viewer to understand. Since there is only text with music in the background, the viewer has to literally read everything throughout the whole video to actually comprehend what is going on within the video.


Prezi is a PowerPoint presentation software that helps a student or anyone to make a presentation; this is a software that includes everything that the original PowerPoint from Microsoft has, but it’s unique in many ways. Anyone can use this software if you have an email address, and it is free, but if you want to upgrade it cost a few dollars a month. This software is able to zoom in and out, and has different technological elements that the normal PowerPoint does not have, such as the zooming in and out of words and phrases, adding videos that automatically download into the Prezi, and embed images, tables, and graphs with ease. Prezi is the new PowerPoint, and from the heuristic, Prezi has a few flaws, but yet has many good aspects that make it such a successful slideshow software.

  • Content: Is the purpose coherent and easily understood?

With Prezi, the content is sometimes easy to understand; once and a while I will come into an obstacle on Prezi only because I don’t understand how to do something on it, such as insert a video, etc. The content, as in putting the slide together is pretty simple, and easy. Overall, the purpose is coherent and easily understood if you know how to work the software.

  • Ethics & Responsible Use: Is the work original?

Originality is a good question in this software only because it was replicated to look like a regular PowerPoint that a person would find on Microsoft. The work that the person puts into the software can be original, and if they are putting a cited source in it if they used it from somewhere else, than it wouldn’t be as original. The software itself is, to me, original because of how it can create a slide show that not many softwares can do.

  • Demographics: Do the media appeal to a certain demographic or niche audience?

For this software, the audience is basically students, but companies can use it for company presentations, etc; the audience mainly for this software is for those who need it for a school project, but practically anyone can use it if they know how to work it, and if they need it for whatever. Prezi was made to enhance the PowerPoint presentations that one uses on Microsoft, and with the software’s new innovations, anyone can use it.

  • Interactivity: Is there some kind of evaluation device, either a comments box or poll for information exchange?

For Prezi, there really is no way to comment on the presentation, but if you are presenting it to a class, then that would be the feedback. From my experience with Prezi, I think if you publish it to the Internet, then comments will be available, but I have not done that yet, and so with commenting and exchanging opinions on the software, one would have to go on a search engine and find different news feeds on specifically about the software, and the content within the software.

  • Entertainment: How does the author use the new media to convey a message or drive home a point?

The author of the Prezi, are the people who make it, and with creating their presentation, one can convey their message through the slides that they create with the software program. Prezi is able to do many things from embedding media to downloading YouTube videos right into the project so that a person doesn’t have to use a hyperlink, and then open a new window to watch the video. Within the person’s or group’s presentation, they can then convey their message for their audience, or even for people within the realm of the Internet.

  • Audio/Visual Quality: Can audio and/or text be easily heard/understood both verbally and non-verbally?

Within Prezi, a person can embed all kinds of text and video, which would be the audio within the presentation. The video thumbnail on the Prezi can be pixelated sometimes, but most of the time it isn’t. If the person creating the Prezi makes everything clear for the audience they are making it for, then the content is easily understood; it really all depends on the person using the software to do what they want it to do.

Did You Know?

The YouTube video, Did You Know? is all about how the globe is changing constantly, at a pace where it is mind boggling. This video shows how in 2012, the world changes at a constant rate of speed where people all over the world could not imagine the facts within this video. The video has a lot of information that is very useful to the viewer, and makes the viewer think of how and why the world is changing at a such a high speed. The video displays different facts about the world and the people in it, such as how Facebook would be the third largest country, if it were to be a country. Did You Know? is full of information that would overload a brain within the minutes it is shown. This video is seen by a million people, and with this video, hopefully a 2013 version will come out soon.

  • Content: Does the media’s content intentionally flow well?

Since there is information within the video, I feel as though it flows together very well; the information is all connected and leads to another set of information to where the viewer can understand it. The video as a whole, flows all together as one set of information, to where a person watching it can actually see the information from the images and text; this helps with the flow of the video because it shows the many different ways the world is changing with each year coming and going.

  • Ethics & Responsible Use: Do the media generate a thought-provoking reaction?

To me, I was astonished on how much this video had taught me about the world and the people in it. The media in the video does create a “thought-provoking reaction” from all of the information in the video. The video was shown in two of my classes, and I think the students were all surprised on how much the world is changing every year; and some of the information many students didn’t even know, such as how many babies are being born every minute in China. The video made different reactions to the students who watched in my classes from surprised to the oh my goodness reaction, and I think this happens to others who watch the video.

  • Demographics: Is the media meant to be informational, entertaining, persuasive, or argumentative?.

This video was meant to be informational, entertaining, persuasive, and argumentative from all of the information that is in the video. Many people, such as me, were entertained with the video from how eye-catching the amount of information was, and especially how the people who made it, created the video to flow the way it did.

  • Interactivity: Can the audience explore issues more in-depth?

From the video, the information within it excelled all of the students’ brains that watched it in my classes; the video, in my opinion was meant to be explored even further. With all of the information that was put into the video, one would want to see more information about the world and the issues going on within it. The video makes the viewer think, and makes the viewer want to know more, and keep watching.

  • Entertainment: Do the media tell a story?

The video literally tells a story about the world, and what is going on it, more specifically in the year of 2012. The media within the video tells about how the different countries around the world change constantly, and with this information, one can see that many countries are becoming over populated, and even Facebook could become the third largest country. This video tells a story that not many people think about, and from that I think the video was very successful in displaying its message.

  • Audio/Visual Quality: Is the picture quality clear?

Surprisingly the video had very good picture quality; this is rare because many YouTube videos that are made are either pixelated or cloudy. This video had good quality that made it very successful in how it displayed its message, and how it has text, and images within the video. From having the picture quality good, the viewer can see everything clearly, and understand the content efficiently.


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