Googoo Over Google?

Within the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid, written by Nicholas Carr, he states, “Thanks to the ubiquity of text on the Internet, not to mention the popularity of text-messaging on cell phones, we may well be reading more today than we did in the 1970s or 1980s, when television was our medium of choice. But it’s a different kind of reading, and behind it lies a different kind of thinking—perhaps even a new sense of the self” (Carr). The way we think nowadays is different from how people thought, read, and wrote years ago; our brains are wired differently, and we tend to not “think outside the box” anymore. This is all because we have all the information we want at our hands all of the time, from smart phones to personal computers. “Our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connections that form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged” (Carr). Are we disengaged from thinking critically? Are we stuck in this state of mind where we are glued to our iPhones or computers? Yes, we are. We, especially my generation, have a habit of “Googling” anything and everything whenever to find out information whenever and wherever they need to, and I am guilty of this, too.

Now, the question is, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Many people would have different opinions on this answer, but for me, I feel as though, even with myself that Google makes me lazy from being able to find my information whenever I want to without looking through books, etc. Carr also states, “The last thing these companies want is to encourage leisurely reading or slow, concentrated thought. It’s in their economic interest to drive us to distraction” (Carr). Google wants us to use their search engine for anything and everything, from maps to shopping. Are we overly using Google? Are we in this zone of where we, my generation does not want to read critically, but just skim and scan over information from Google because it’s not a book with pages? I feel as though it is to each their own, which means that each person has their own mind that they can control; they can either “think outside of the box” or not, and be lazy. For me, I am becoming one of those lazy people who looks up everything on Google, and from this, Google is making me “stupid.”



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  1. DR-501
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 15:05:26

    I responded to this over at my blog!


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