Future Demands

The article Peering Into The Future of Media,” written by Eric Pfanner, he writes on how technology is constantly getting better and better with every year. He starts off in the year of 2023 or 2033, where when a person wakes up, their pajamas takes them through their morning routine. So, could this happen in the future for us? Will we be able to have pjs that help us with our morning routine? Pfanner states, “Predicting the outcomeof a revolution is a fool’s game. Still, a few things are clear, even today, about the changes we are living through in the world of information, entertainment and communications” (Pfanner). No one really knows if all of these futuristic technologies will be created, but with how technology is changing every year, I think that we will have some sort of technology where it will help us drive our cars, help us in the morning, etc.

The future is unknown, and with the technologies that are in the world now, anything is possible pretty much. The Internet is even growing as well; with more people coming into the world, and how people are going towards using more technology, such as smart phones, etc., the Internet is going to become an essential that everyone needs from wanting their information right there and then.

With having more and more technologies coming into the world every year, more and more people are going to be able to use the Internet, and have more capabilities to use more technology; from this, the Internet is growing, and with the increasing use of smart phones, iPads, etc., more demands for the Internet will come, and from this, people are going to be able to get their information whenever and wherever they want.

connected world


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