About Molly

The name is Molly Lynn Molkenthin. I am from South Jersey, I have bright blonde hair, and I love to smile. I am a senior in college at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and my major is Technical Writing with a minor in art. I love drawing, hanging out with friends, and music is my life. Everything around me is a new experience, especially with living in South Carolina now, I find myself learning and listening to people with a new heart. My life experiences with moving to the south has changed me in many ways, good and bad. I believe that everything is meant for a reason, and everything comes in its own time and place. I want to succeed in my career as a Technical Writer; I would like to be the best that I can be.

My life is surrounded by loved ones, friends, and new faces. If something is going to make you unahppy, just listen to the band, The Cure, and listen to their advice, “Let it go, and leave it gone. Just walk away, stop it going on.”


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