Concept in 60

For my Concept in 60 video, I decided to create a piece that deals with the issue of texting and walking. I decided to use YouTube for my video screen shots, and I also used different screen shots of articles that were about texting and walking. I did not any music in my video because I did not think it needed it from the YouTube videos having their sound. I used Microsoft Word in order to show how the issue of texting and driving is important, and how is it an epidemic in the world today. I used iMovie to make my video, and I used the screen shot software called ScreenCastomatic to create my video sceen shots, and upload them into my video. My video is exactly 60 seconds, and I was able to get this accomplished because of the software that I used, and from the screen shots that were uploaded into my video. The whole concept of my video is very important to me because I am text and walk just like everyone else unconsciously when crossing the street. I am pretty happy with how my video came out, and I think that without the music that is all goes together just the way I wanted it all to go. The video was uploaded on YouTube, and from YouTube, I embedded it into my WordPress new page in my blog. This video is to show people that texting and walking, and being blind to the surroundings we have, is becoming an issue that is getting people hurt. Maybe this video will show people how to not text and walk, and will give people more reasons why they should start watching the world instead of their phones.


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