Electronic Edition of a Text (Part 1)

For the electronic edition of a text (part 1) project, I plan to analyze the Shakespeare Quartos Archive. This archive holds the plays of Shakespeare until the year of 1642. With my analysis, I am going to go over how the website works as a whole, how the website is user friendly, and how the website is able to hold the plays that Shakespeare has created. I have also created my own website, which is linked here. Throughout my analysis of this archive, I am going to go over the usability of the site, the information on the site, the design of the website, the fonts (typography), and the multimedia of the site.


The website itself seems easy enough to use; there are buttons on the top of the page, which helps navigate through the website, and even gives instructions to where, and how a person can use the website, easily and efficiently. The website also shows how a person can use, and understand the website, and why it was created and why it is important. There is also a sidebar where the user is able to also go through a tutorial of how to use the archive with ease; it seems as though anyone, even if you are not computer savvy, can come onto this website and use it because of all of the different ways the archive has made it to run smoothly.


Throughout the website, there is a lot of information that a person can use for their own personal research or research of school. The archive goes through information on how to use the website, gives information on other websites to other archives that connect to Shakespeare’s plays, and also gives links to where to find the plays from inside of the archive. There is also a page where it states all about the website, and gives information on the different aspects of the website, including its future plans. There is also another tab of where the user can go into different links of various institutions that are affiliated with the archive itself. The cons of the information that is not easy to access is that the archive link is actually in the first tab, which is within the introduction page, where it is hard to find because it is a small link.


The design of the website is simple, but a little complex. The colors of the website achieve a goal of being classy, but yet very “down to earth” for the user. The red, white, and gray scale of the website also achieve a great way of having the user see the images clearly. The way the links and images are put into the webpage create a simple view for the user to navigate through to reach their destination of where they would like to go on the website. The only problem with the design of the webpage is that there is a lot of information on each page; the user might get confused as to what to look at, and where to go from the main page of the website. The pros of the website is that it looks chic, and it is pleasant to the eye of the user who is navigating the website.


The multimedia that is on the website is very good I think. The website has different links to various places on the Internet to where the user can see more information about Shakespeare, or just other websites that are connected to this archive. The archive has video, pictures, links, and different fonts that show different places that the user can go into in order to get somewhere else on the website. The font choice is also a good selection because it is easy for the user to read and see. The only problems with the media that is on the archive is that there should be more pictures of Shakespeare himself; I feel as though since they made an archive for him that there should be more pictures and media related to him. A good aspect of the website is that the archive has on the main page, tutorials of how to use the website in various videos. The website overall has a various media, and this makes the website user friendly, and helps the user when they want to do research.

Overall, the Shakespeare Quartos Archive has achieved many good things, while it does have cons about it, too. The archive has achieved the goal of it being user friendly, but yet it has some obstacles, such as having too much information on each page. the archive is a very user friendly website with tutorials on how to use it, and it is very important in the Internet world of archiving Shakespearean plays.


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