Final Project

The end of the semester has come, and with the end of Cyber Rhetoric Writing 502, we have our final projects that are due soon. For my final project, I decided that I would continue on making the website I created for the electronic project that we had made for the class. My website is about me, my likes, and about Writing 502. At first, I was very weary about starting this project because I did not know how it would all turn out. I started creating my website, and just went with the flow. My website was created through, where I was able to take a template of a website, my started off as a jewelery website, into my own. I used the same colors they had on the website, and I stuck with the same fonts, too. With creating the different parts of my website, I was able to manipulate the website into what I wanted it to become. I had no idea of how to use the website, but while I was going through it, trying to figure out the little things that could make this website the best that it could be, I then was able to learn the ins and outs of how to use Wix. Finding out the different ways of using this website was very fun, because it is also a pleasure to learn a new software program! Learning, and finding out new things about new software’s through the Internet is always interesting to me because I love to learn new things, and learn the new technologies that are out there waiting to be used and explored. With using this new software program, I then understood how to use it, and make it all into what I wanted with adding media and text. With adding media, I was able to add pictures and movies; these add more interest into my website because it adds more detail for the user, so that they will want to keep looking and finding new things within the website to look at.Starting with the homepage, the top bar of the page takes you to different pages within the website, such as Writing 502, and my art. There is a slideshow of pictures within the homepage, where you can click on it, which takes you to my WordPress. At the bottom of the page, there are three boxes that have media within them; these boxes then have text boxes at the bottom of the media that take you to other links. I decided that each link should only take you to another page from the same page, so that the user would not have more than one tab open at a time; this is so the user does not get confused with all of the tabs that would come up if they clicked on each new link from the homepage. The homepage also has an About on the bottom of the page, which leads the user into the website, which tells them about the website, why it was created, and why I made it into what it is.The movie on the homepage also is something that is special to me. I wanted to add some type of media that really was special, and was something that the user could connect to as they watched it. The movie was created by my friend Maison Harley, and you can find his link to his videos in the About section of the homepage. Now, going on to the page of Writing 502, you will see three boxes of media right when you click on the top bar of Writing 502. These three boxes of media also have a text box underneath them that take the user to other links, such as Dr. Spring’s blog page where we used to see the assignments throughout the semester and my WordPress. In the middle, the user will see that I have my video of when I went through of how to do an analysis. I embedded this movie because I wanted the user to see the different ways we used software and technology to create a video for class. On the lower right hand portion of the page, the user will see a huge text box full of information, and links that will take the user to different places on the Internet about Cyber Rhetoric, and places where the user can see the books that we have read throughout the semester. On the left of the page, if the user clicks on the cat that is using the computer, there will be a slideshow of cats using technology. I just put this in because I thought it would show my love for cats, and show some part of me that people don’t usually see, which is my love for technology and cats! Going forward onto the page of my art, this is a very special page that I have created in order to show people that I love art, and that I love to create art myself. I love to draw, and make all kinds of art from sculptures to painting. These pictures are really up for sale, and some are already sold! But, throughout the page, the user will see text throughout the page about my love for art, and will see at the bottom of the page a big text box about the page. The text at the bottom of the page also has a link back to the Writing 502 page. Let’s finish with the contact page; on this page there is a movie that also was created by Maison Harley. There are two pictures of each side of the movie; this is to have the user more connected to me and my life. I feel as though the more connected to user seems to be with me, the more they will appreciate the website. By creating this website, I have learned a lot about myself, my likes, my values, and my love for using technology.

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