Values & Criteria Analysis

Within Writing 501 class, we discussed a new heuristic for the assignments; with this new heuristic, I am going to examine the website Prezi, and the heuristic that Cheryl E. Ball has made.


  • Core
  1. Does this project have a substantive, controlling idea?

For Prezi, the controlling idea throughout the website is to make a PowerPoint presentation from a new perspective; this new software makes the PowerPoint not just any PowerPoint, but lets the presenter add media, such as YouTube videos, and also lets the presenter have the opportunity to create a presentation that is different from the regular PowerPoint that Microsoft has. The controlling idea of creating a PowerPoint presentation is throughout the website, and that is what it mainly focuses on.

  • Form and Content 
  1. Are the project’s design decisions deliberate, controlled, and defensible?

Prezi’s way of creating a PowerPoint presentation is deliberate, controlled, and defensible from how the software is only used to create a PowerPoint presentation; the software is for presentations that are creative and individualistic. The presenter is able to create what they want, add media when they want, and the presenter is able to control what the design and media look like within the presentation.

  • Audience
  1. To what extent does it engage the intended audience?

The Prezi software engages the audience from the software’s new designs, ways it moves throughout the presentation, and how the presentation is  not boring because it is not a simple PowerPoint, but a presentation that brings the audience to be interactive with it when the presenter moves the Prezi from beginning to the end of it. Prezi’s software lets the audience see a PowerPoint in a new and different way that a regular Microsoft PowerPoint could not be able to complete.

  • Ethical Issues
  1. Does the project successfully and ethically integrate borrowed information?

Prezi lets the presenter get information and media, such as YouTube videos and images from the Internet; Prezi actually downloads the video, and embeds it into the presentation. The presenter must write where they got their information from, and cite their sources because even though Prezi embeds the video, Prezi doesn’t cite where it came from. Overall, the presenter has to cite their sources even if Prezi embeds the video into the presentation.

Cheryl E. Ball

  • Core
  1. To what extent does this project convey a clear message?

Cheryl Ball’s heuristic has a clear message because it shows what a project should be like, what a project should have, and what a project’s content should encompass. The heuristic is very thorough, and has the main points of what should be in a project, such as research, content core, and creativity.

  • Form and Content
  1. Do the project’s structural or formal elements serve the conceptual core in an effective and efficient manner?

This heuristic is efficient and effective in many ways from how Cheryl Ball was able to include the many points that should be in a project, to how she has the heuristic include ethical and core issues. Ball’s heuristic has an overall way of how and what a project should look and be like.

  • Audience
  1. To what extent does it engage the intended audience?

The audience is engaged from this heuristic from how Ball is able to get the content and core of what the project is supposed to be about through how the heuristic she has made comes to the point of where the audience would know what to see throughout the project. The audience has a clear understanding of what the project should include throughout it.

  • Ethics & Responsible Use
  1. Does the project successfully and ethically integrate borrowed information?

The heuristic includes a research part that is very specific to how the project should be and include; the person making the project should cite the research they have done, and make sure that their citations are correct. With borrowed information, Ball’s heuristic makes it clear that the information should be clear and easy to understand.


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